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Acording To Columbus Intro

A Skylit Drive

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(save me, the skin that stretched across ur bone)

e --------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---10-------14-------9-------3--------10----------------------|
A ----8-------12-------7-------5---------8----------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------------|

(cold front coming like blisters through ur pores,
(breathing youll trust me darling, im the sword inside ur stone)

e ---------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------|
G -----14---12---10---9------------------------------------------|
D -10---x----x----x---x------------------------------------------|
A -10--12---10----7---7---7-0-8-0-9-0-8-0-7-0-8-0-9-0-x2--8-7----|
D -10------------------------------------------------------------|

this will take days ill do the rest later.

any questions/complaints


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