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A.C.A.B tem o estilo Punk Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Bersama Semula Intro", "Bunga Padang Pasir Intro", "Racial Hatred Solo".

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  1. 8 Years Of Agravation And Boisterous Eastern Oi
  2. Acab
  3. Aleeya Maisara
  4. Bangun
  5. Bersama Semula
  6. Bersama Semula Intro
  7. Born To Be Skin
  8. Born To Be Skin Solo
  9. Bunga Padang Pasir Intro
  10. Fight For Your Right
  11. Fight For Your Right Solo
  12. Freedom And Justice
  13. Musibah
  14. Our Country
  15. Racial Hatred
  16. Racial Hatred Solo
  17. Skinhead For Life
  18. Skinhead For Life Solo
  19. Street Feeling
  20. Streets Of Uptown
  21. Streets Of Uptown Solo
  22. Unfairground Intro
  23. Violence Intro
  24. We Are Acab
  25. We Are The Skin
  26. We Are The Youth
  27. Were Coming Back
  28. Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone
  29. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
  30. Where Have All The Bootbys Gone Live

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