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Across the Universe

If I Fell

Across the Universe

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     G#m If I fell in love with you,            G Would you promise to be true      F#     D#m And help me understand.        G#m Cause I've been in love before          G And I've found that love was more,       Am          D Than just holding hands.   (Refrão)       G   Am  Bm       Am7 If I give my heart to you,      D                  G Am Bm I must be sure from the very start      Am7        D                G    Am D That you would love me more than her       G     Am  Bm If I trust in you,    Am7           C Oh please, don't run and hide    G      Am  Bm If I love you too,    Am7           D                G7 Oh please, don't hurt my pride like her                             C Cause I couldn't stand the pain     Cm                         G           D And I, would be sad if our new love was in vain       G    Am  Bm So I hope you see,     Am7      D That I would love to love you  ( G Am Bm  Am7 D   G )       Cm                G If I fell in love with you.

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