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Alex Turner

It's Hard To Get Around The Wind

Alex Turner

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Intro: C  C                                                             Its like you're trying to get to heaven in a hurry             C                                                               And the queue was shorter than you thought it would be                   Dm                G                 C                     And doorman says you need to get a wristband                                                                                         C                                                                  You gotta lift between the pitfalls                               C                                                                But you're looking like you're low on energy,                               Dm                        G            C           Did you get out and walk to insure you'd miss the quicksand     F                          C Looking for a new place to begin                              Dm                       G                                 Feeling like its hard to understand                               C                            C7                            But as long as you still, keep peppering the pill                      F                     D7                            You'll find a way, to spit it out again                              C*                  G*               Am                   And even when you know, the way it's gonna blow               F        G                                                   It's hard, to get around the wind                            Interludio: C  Dm  G  C  C                                                             Stretching out the neck on your evening                        C                                                               Trying to even out some defects                                           Dm               G              C                        But its sabre-toothed multi-ball confusion                                                                                           C                                                                  And you can shriek until you're hollow                            C                                                                Or whisper it the other way                                              Dm           G                   C                    Trying to save the youth, without putting your shoes on         F                          C Looking for a new place to begin                              Dm                       G                                 Feeling like its hard to understand                               C                            C7                            But as long as you still, keep peppering the pill                      F                     D7                         You'll find a way, to spit it out again                              C*                  G*               Am                   And even when you know, the way it's gonna blow               F        G                                                   It's hard, to get around the wind                            Interludio 2: C  G  Am  F  G  C                C  G  Am  F  E  Am  Interludio 3: C7  F  D7  C  G  Am  F  G  C                                                           I can hear you through my window                             C                                                             But i'm never quite sure who is who                                   Dm           G           C                               But they want the world on a desert spoon                                                                                     C                                                                It always sounds like they're fighting                          C                                                              Or as if that's what they're about to do                       Dm              G              C                            It might not hurt now, but it's gonna hurt soon             Riff 1:     C             Dm       G E|-------0----------1--1----3--3----------| B|----1-1---1--1---3--3----3--3-----------| G|---0-0---0--0---2--2----0--0------------| D|--2-----2--2---0-------0----------------| A|-3--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|  Riff 2:     F             C E|----------------------------------------| B|----1--1--1--1----1--1--1--1------------| G|---2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0-------------| D|--3--3--3--3----2--2--2--2--------------| A|-3-------------3------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|     Dm             G E|-----1--1--1--1----3--3--3--3-----------| B|----3--3--3--3----3--3--3--3------------| G|---2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0-------------| D|--0-------------0-----------------------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|     C7             D7 E|------------------2--2--2--2------------| B|----1--1--1--1---1--1--1--1-------------| G|---3--3--3--3---2--2--2--2--------------| D|--2--2--2--2---0------------------------| A|-3--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|     C*      G*       Am e|------------3--3----0--0--0--0----------| b|----1--1---3--3----1--1--1--1-----------| g|---0--0---0--0----2--2--2--2------------| d|--2--2---0-------2----------------------| a|-3--------------------------------------| e|----------------------------------------|  Interludio 1:     C             Dm            G E|-------0--0--0----1--0--1--1----1--1--1--1---| B|----1-1--1--1----3--3--3--3----1--1--1--1----| G|---0-0--0--0----2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0-----| D|--2------------0-------------0---------------| A|-3-------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|  Interludio 2:     C   G   Am            F  G    C E|----------------------------------------| B|----1---0---1--1--1--1---1---0----------| G|---0---0---2--2--2--2---2---0-----------| D|--2---0---2--2--2--2---3---0------------| A|-3---2---0------------3---2-------------| E|----------------------------------------|     F    E   Am  E|----------------------------------------| B|----1---0---1--1--1--1------------------| G|---2---1---2--2--2--2-------------------| D|--3---2---2--2--2--2--------------------| A|-3---2---0------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|  Interludio 3:     C7 E|------------------| B|----1--1--1--1----| G|---3--3--3--3-----| D|--2--2--2--2------| A|-3----------------| E|------------------|     F             D7 E|------------------2--2--2--2------------| B|----1--1--1--1---1--1--1--1-------------| G|---2--2--2--2---2--2--2--2--------------| D|--3--3--3--3---0------------------------| A|-3--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|     C       G        Am E|------------3--3----0--0--0--0----------| B|----1--1---3--3----1--1--1--1-----------| G|---0--0---0--0----2--2--2--2------------| D|--2--2---0-------2----------------------| A|-3--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|     F             G E|------------------1--1--1--1------------| B|----1--1--1--1---1--1--1--1-------------| G|---2--2--2--2---0--0--0--0--------------| D|--3--3--3--3---0------------------------| A|-3--------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------| 

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