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Aloe Blacc

I'm Beautful

Aloe Blacc

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E       G#m                    C#m Sometimes people say things                                 A That they don't really mean F#m             E               A They just might call you names                               E To lift their self esteem  E         G#m                C#m But soon enough, they'll realize                       A That it'll never work F#m         E                           A Because inside they're trying to hide                        E How much they really hurt E                         G#m But as long as you know who you are                C#m And what you're about                            A Nothing they say can shake your pride  And make you doubt F#m                         E The beauty you have in you                             A And when they give attitude                  E You can tell them like this       E            G#m Say, i'm beautiful and spiritual C#m                     A And i think it's about time to tell you this F#m         E            A I'm gonna be the best me                E That i know how to be

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