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Intro: Bm C# Bm C# G# F# G# A#  
Bm                      C# 
Kind of thunder from my heart 
Flooding my eyes 
Flooding my eyes 
G#                                 F# 
Kind of armies marching through my head 
G#                     A# 
Sombre soldiers from nowhere 
Kind of someone's moving out of me 
Have no fear 
Have no fear 
Kind of someone's  moving out of me 
Goin' somewhere 
Goin' somewhere 
F               C 
Ship is leaving right on time 
G              D 
Empty harbour, wave goodbye 
Evacuation of the isle 
Caveman's paintings drowning 
Famous last words on the air 
I stay here and you are there 
While our city softly sinks 
Caveman's paintings drowning 
A# F C G

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