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Thin Air


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[Intro]  E  C#m  VERSO 1 8x  E|--------------------------------------------| B|---------4-0--------------4-0---------------| G|-------6----------------6-------------------| D|-----6----------------6---------------------| A|--------------------------------------------| E|---0----------------0-----------------------|  VERSO 2 8x  E|---------------------------------------------| B|-------------0------------------0------------| G|--------6-----------------6------------------| D|------6---6-------------6---6----------------| A|----4-----------------4----------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|  VERSO 3 8x  E|----------------------------------------------| B|----0---------0--------0----------0-----------| G|-------3---------3--------3----------3--------| D|----------6------------------6----------------| A|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------|  VERSO 4 2x  E|---------------------------------------------| B|----4---------4---------4--------4-----------| G|-------6---------6---------6--------6--------| D|----------6------------------6---------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|  VERSO 5 2x  E|---------------------------------------------| B|-----------0-----0-----------0------0--------| G|--------6-----6-----------6------6-----------| D|------6-----------------6--------------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|   VERSO 1 E Love is free  VERSO 2     C#m In time, in peace  VERSO 1     E And now is here  VERSO 2      C#m This life, this dream You know how it feels, but..  VERSO 3 E it all in your mind? You know how it feels to be..  VERSO 4 C#m ...pushed and pulled through your life -    VERSO 5 VERSO 4 VERSO 5 - and sometimes it seems like...  VERSO 4 E ..there is life in your eyes - VERSO 3, VERSO 4, VERSO 3 - And all that I know is I love  you -   VERSO 4 VERSO 5  VERSO 4      C#m                                                    E Yes, I love you! - VERSO 5 - And it feels like we´re already flying  VERSO 1                                   C#m But the air is too thin and we´re dying -   VERSO 2.                             E - couds all around take us higher -   VERSO 1                           C#m                                         E The world far below is on fire - VERSO 2 - I hold out my hand just to touch you -   VERSO 1                      C#m And all that I know I love you -   VERSO 2                       E a vision a promise of heaven -   VERSO 1                     C#m a reason for being forever -   VERSO 2 forever...                         G#m  D#m E B you're just a whisper away   G#m  D#m E B             G#m      D#m    E       B we've come too far     to turn back               G#m       D#m      E    B this is where we stand     and face it             G#m      D#m          E    B this is who we are,    one step closer       G#m      D#m          E     B into thin air     we will go there            G#m      D#m     E     B we've come too far     to turn back                G#m      D#m     E     B this is where we stand     and face it         G#m         D#m  E               B       G#m i feel you breathe      you're just a whisper away             D#m     E   B    G#m we've come too far       to turn back               D#m       E   B      G#m this is where we stand       and face it              D#m     E   B           G#m this is who we are        one step close       D#m      E   B        G#m into thin air      we will go there            D#m       E   B   G#m we've come too far...                 D#m       E  B  G#m this is where we stand...

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