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When Can I See You


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From: * (Olivia D. Isaac)

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:32:10 -0700 (MST)
corrections: From: Justin Kay Rollins 
Subject: TAB:  

	I was looking through the files, and I found this song, so I
printed it out, seeing if it could help me get the finishing touches on
it.  When I got back home, I found that the file was lacking many things.
I spent hours listening to the song changing every little detail until I got it
right.  This is a correction to the one already there.



 Figure 1:

 Figure 2:

 Figure 3:

 Figure 4:

 Figure 5:

 Figure 6:                                          Final chord:
    -------------------------------0------0--0-       ---2---|
    -1---0------0-----0----------0------1----1-       ---0---|
    --------------0-----0------0------0------0-       ---2---|
    -------0----------0----------------------0-       ---0---|
    -----2------------------4---------0--------       ---2---|
    -2----------0------------------------------       ---3---|


 Verse 1:

	When can my heart beat again?
	When does the pain ever end?
	And when do the tears stop from running over?
	When does "you'll get over it" begin?

 	I hear what your saying but I swear that it's not making sense.
	So when can I see you.


	When can I see you again?
	When can my heart beat again?
	When can I see you again, baby?
	And when can I breathe once again?
	And when can I see you (again).

 Verse 2:

	When does my someday begin, when I'll find someone again?
	And what if I still am not truly over, what am I s'posed to do
        then, baby.

	Do you see what I'm saying, even if it is not making sense.
	So when can I see you.


     I hope that this helps out.  It's probably not perfect yet, but I
know it's close.

		Justin Rollins: *

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