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Bad Religion

Out Of Hand

Bad Religion

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don't wanna have to  
E5^ C5 D5  
take you shit anymore  
G5 G5*  
i've finally concluded that  
E5^ C5 D5  
nothing is way to short  
G5 G5*  
the ticking of the hour glass  
G5 D5  
the tiny grains of sand  
they beckon me like gravity  
G5 D5  
like signposts on the land  
and all you got you wanted  
G5 D5 C5 D5  
without force or reprimand  
the seconds are all running out  
B5 E5 C5 E5 D5  
this burdens out of haaaaaaaannd  

E5 C5 E5 D5  
lets go

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