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Billy Joe Royal

I'll Pin A Note On Your Pillow

Billy Joe Royal

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It's just not working, we've both known for sometime 
         G                                               G7  
That old fire's been out for so long, we've just stopped trying 
    C                                                     G 
The only time we're touching is when we're passing in the hall 
    G                          D                      G 
And yesterday's "I love you?s" don't really matter at all 

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  C                                                 G 
I might as well be leaving, I'm already out of your mind 
      C                                                           D 
Baby, go right on dreaming, your dreams just might come true this time 
  C                                                 G      C  
Tomorrow when you wake up you'll be lying here all alone 
               G                          D                         G 
But I'll pin a note on your pillow or you might not even notice I'm gone


I wish that we could go back and love like we did before 
We've been, alone together, so long I can't take any more 
My body's crying, wake up, let me hold you one more time 
But you just go right on sleeping, my heart won't let me change my mind 

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