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Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls tem o estilo Emocore e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Heart Heart Heartbreak", "Be Your Everything", "Hero/heroine".

288 acessos

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  1. Be Your Everything
  2. Dance Hall Drug
  3. Dance Hall Drugchorus
  4. Five Minutes To Midnight
  5. Go
  6. Great Escape Acoustic
  7. Heart Heart Heartbreak
  8. Heels Over Head
  9. Hero/heroine
  10. Holiday
  11. Kill Me In a Record Shop
  12. Learning To Fall
  13. Let Go
  14. Love Drunk
  15. Love Drunk Acoustic
  16. Me You And My Medication
  17. O Amor Gosta Dela
  18. On Top Of The World
  19. Real Thing
  20. She's Got a Boyfriend Now
  21. Someone Like You
  22. Stuck In The Middle
  23. The Great Escape
  24. The Only Way That I Know How To Feel
  25. Thunder
  26. Thunder Acoustic
  27. Thunder Acústico
  28. Thunder Intro
  29. Two Is Better Than One
  30. Up Against The Wall

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