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Brett Dennen

Desert Sunrise

Brett Dennen

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C7M G7M Em D/F# 
a desert sunrise you warm my soul 
painting me in shades of clay, covering me whole. 
and I'm a lizard sunbathing in-- your radiance; oh I crawl out of hiding. 
so sweet, so sweet you are. 
if I could only have a taste, wrap my lips around your flavor. 
just because you are you, just because you are... So beautiful 
C7M Bm Am Bm 
and I've been waiting all this life in the company of one 
and I know I am young but I don't wanna be alone 
if you could only just consider the two of us, 
and I know darling I could be so good to you 
G7M D/F# C7M Am 
see you rising on the horizon 
bringing light into the day 
and I'm coasting on your rhais. 
when I awoke you spoke to the mist of the mystic bliss casting shadows 
oh no my dismal yesterdays. 
G7M D/F# C7M Am 
do you remember that you told me darling: that I was so real 
ill tell you all-- my tears for you are real 
well cross that bridge again someday, I know we will, I hope we will. 
C7M G7M Em D/F# 
a desert sunset, a lullaby. 
if I could give it all to you if you'd only let me try 
sing so sweetly, its my only wish 
music drips from your lips like sweet sips of a summer's kiss summer raindrops 
precious tongues twist. 
repeat refrain 
repeat II 
C7M G7M Em D/F# 
a desert moon rise into the night 
before we lay our heads I wish to walk under the splendor of starlight 
sing so sweetly is the sweetest sound 
and I become weak in the knees and I drop down to kiss the ground 
and all my cares lie far below 
in this earth I wish to die, in this hearth my fire grows.

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