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Bruce Hornsby

On The Western Skyline

Bruce Hornsby

17 acessos

Tabbed by John Lofgren, Oviedo, FL

In the Key of D, original was in the key of G

d dsus d dsus open c  g
d dsus d dsus open c  g
d dsus d dsus open c  g
d c g
d c g
d c g
d c g
d                                   c      g
About this time of the evening, out by the bay
d                                      c  g
they turn the roadlights on the bridge
d                            c   g
a diesel rolls in silhouette, eastbound
d                       g   d/f#  g
lovers glad the sun has set
d/f#  g   d/f#  Em d  g        d/f#  g  d/f#
i'm   staring   in-to twilight
g       d/f#       Em   d   a
wishing i    could find someone tonight

d                                 c g
i know she's out there somewhere
d                      c  g
on the western skyline
d                         c g
lonely women say a prayer
d                       c g
on the western skyline

the rooftop sags on second street, bachelor's quarters
too much fun, not enough dough
the kite's still hanging on the wire, waiting on the wind
too many dreams, not enough hope
voices on my radio
telling me where i should go


they'll set up the bandstand
         g                d
when the sailors hear the whistle blow
underneath the streetlight
c        g      a
violence in the afterglow

d                        c g
give me a shiny cadillac
close your eyes past that city limits sign
he's got the admiral's daughter in the back
trying to cross her battle line
as i'm staring into the twilight
wishing i could be with her tonight

Special Chords:
d/f#  20xxxx  (full chord is 200232)

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