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C Minus 2 times minus 3 Am 6Y you end up with 5 F X plus 3Y times 2 XXY C      G rewrite equation 1  C Have I made you cross Am Have I made you sad F Have I made you proud C ... G Mom?  F Will I ever know C How white is the snow? Dm                    C Does is matter after all? F Will I ever learn E How to fly like birds? Am Maybe  ::Chorus:: F In an hour Am In a day  C/G In a week Am In a thousand weeks  C/G In a year  Am In a million years G/B  C Are you going to school? Am Are you far from home  F Are you well alone C    G There, there ‎ C Will I be a brave  Am Will I be a bright  F Will I be a good C     G Grown up?

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