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Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Aint That A Shame", "The Flame", "Auf Wiedersehen".

578 acessos

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  1. Aint That A Shame
  2. Auf Wiedersehen
  3. Big Eyes
  4. Can't Stop Fallin Into Love
  5. Clock Strikes Ten
  6. Cover Girl
  7. Dream Police
  8. Everything Works If You Let It
  9. Ghost Town
  10. Gonna Raise Hell
  11. Had To Make You Mine
  12. Hello There
  13. Hes A Whore
  14. High Roller
  15. How Are You
  16. I Can't Understand It
  17. I Know What I Want
  18. I Want You To Want Me
  19. I Want You To Want Me Live
  20. If You Need Me
  21. In The Street
  22. Just Got Back
  23. Lookout
  24. Love Comes A Tumblin Down
  25. Need Your Love
  26. On Top Of The World
  27. One On One
  28. Oo La La La
  29. Stiff Competition
  30. Stop This Game
  31. Surrender
  32. That 70s Show Theme
  33. That 70s Show Theme Intro
  34. The Flame
  35. Tonight Its You
  36. Voices
  37. Were All Allright
  38. When You Need Someone
  39. You Drive I'll Steer

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