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Cliff Richard

She's Gone

Cliff Richard

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E                 A                  E
I've been waiting here for you since nine,
E               A               E
I get sick from waiting all the time.
A                                     E
I know you ain't treatin' me like you should,
A                 B7   A      E
I guess I'm gonna for good.

    E                A              E
The tickets I bought for the show tonight..
E              A                   E
ain't no use because you're not in sight.
  A                                    E
I wonder what poor guy you're cheatin' now?
     A            B7   A          E
I'll find him and wa...rn him somehow.
E               A E A E   B7 A E
Oh, she's gone.

E                     A                 E
Well, if you want me, you can chase me around.
E                    A                E
Oh, you know all the places where I'm found.
A                                 E
I don't care if I never hear from you..
  A                  B7  A     E
I guess you'll never be true.

She's gone, oh, she's gone...

oh, she's gone, oh, she's gone...

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