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Coal Chamber

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Coal Chamber

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This is a really easy song. I just read another tab for this song, and it's like
wrong, especially the intro. It sounds pretty perfect to me. I don't have my guitar in 
to help me out though. Right now, I'm sneaking on the internet at school so I only have 
time to show you the corrections for the intro. I did this with my guitar tuned in
from low to high....  (C G C F A D )

D ----------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------------|
F ----------------------------------------------------------|
C ------------------------------------15--------------------|
G ------------------------------------14--------------------|
C -0-0-13-12--13-12-13-12-0--13-12--0-13--------------------|

I'm not to sure about the last part though. Like I said, I'm at school. Forgive me if
a little off. =[[[

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