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Colin Hay

Colin Hay

Colin Hay tem o estilo Pop Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Against The Tide", "Into My Life", "Fishermans Friend".

538 acessos

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  1. Against The Tide
  2. And If You Only Knew
  3. Are You Looking At Me
  4. Back In My Loving Arms
  5. Beautiful World
  6. Boy Boy
  7. Children On Parade
  8. Company Of Strangers
  9. Dont Believe You Anymore
  10. Dreamtime In Glasgow
  11. Fishermans Friend
  12. Freedom Calling
  13. Go Ask An Old Man
  14. Going Somewhere
  15. I Got Woken Up
  16. I Haven't Seen You in a Long Time
  17. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
  18. If I Go
  19. Im Doing Fine
  20. Into My Life
  21. Into The Cornfields
  22. Lifeline
  23. Maggie
  24. Overkill
  25. Overkill (Acoustic Version)
  26. Storm In My Heart
  27. Waiting For My Real Life To Begin

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