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Cowboy Bebop

Spokey Dokey

Cowboy Bebop

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I hadnt even heard this song until i saw poeple
 talking about how great it was on the forums and elsewhere. So Ifound it and listened to it and loved it!
Then I searched high and low and 
came out with this tab. Its confusing, I didnt tab it and certainlycant play it very well, 
but keep practicing!

3*d 3b 2b

3b 3b 3-4b 2b

3-4b 3-4b 2b 2b 

3b 3b 3b 2b 2b 2b

3b 3b 3*d 4b 4*d 4b 3**d-3*d 3b

3b 3-4d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 3b 3b

3*d-3d 3b 2b 3b 3*d-3d 4b 4d-$-5d 4d-$-5d 4b-5b 4b-5b 3*d-4*d 3b 3b

4*d-4d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 4b 3*d-3d 3b 3b

3**d-3*d-3d-3*d(W) 2**d 3**d-3*d(H)(DV)-3d

1*d(w) 2b 2*d-2d 3*d-3d(w) 3b 2b 1*d-1d(h)-1*d-1**d-1*d-1d

1d(w) 2b(w) 2d(w) 3*d-3d 3b(w) 2b 1*d-1d(h)-1*d-1**d-1*d-1d(w)

1*d(w) 2b(w) 2d(w) 3*d-3d 4b 4*d-4d(H) 4*d-4d 4b 3b 3**d-3*d-3d

4*d-4d 4b 3*d-3d-3*d 3b 3b

(w) = Wah effect
(h) = Hold
* = bend
D= draw
b= blow

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