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Doobie Brothers

South City Midnight Lady

Doobie Brothers

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		G                        C 
		Up all night I could not sleep 
		    G                        C 
		The whiskey that I drank was cheap 
		     G                          C                  D 
		With shakin' hands I wait and I lit up my last cigarette 
		         G                      C 
		Well the sun came the night had fled 
		    G                        C 
		And sleepy-eyed I reached my bed 
		  G                      C                     G     C  G 
		I saw you sleepy dreamin there all covered and warm 
Refrão -------------
	C                   Bm 
		South city midnight lady 
		    Bb              C 
		I'm much obliged to you 
		    C                    Bm        Am          G    C  G 
		You sure have saved this man who's soul was in need 
		C                      Bm 
		I thought there was no reason 
		    Bb                 C 
		For all these things I do 
		        C                 Bm     Am              G    
		But the smile that I said I've returned I'm with you


		G                             C 
		When day has left the night behind 
		    G                      C 
		And shadows roll across my mind 
		  G                      C                        D 
		I sometimes find myself alone and out walking the street 
		        G                         C 
		Yes and when I'm feelin' down and blue 
		     G                    C 
		Then all I do is think of you 
		    G                       C            G    C  G 
		And all my foolish problems seem to fade away 

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