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Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Miss Alissa", "Kiss The Devil", "Chase The Devil Intro".

354 acessos

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  1. Already Died
  2. Bad Dream Mama
  3. Bad Dream Mama Intro
  4. Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck
  5. Chase The Devil
  6. Chase The Devil Intro
  7. Cherry Cola
  8. Dethdealer
  9. English Girl
  10. Flames Go Higher
  11. I Gotta Feelin Just Nineteen
  12. I Like To Move In The Night
  13. I Only Want You
  14. I Want You So Hard Boys Bad News
  15. Kiss The Devil
  16. Midnight Creeper
  17. Miss Alissa
  18. Save A Prayer
  19. So Easy
  20. Speaking In Tongues
  21. Stuck In The Metal With You
  22. Whorehoppin Shit Goddamn Intro

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