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Electric Six

Electric Six

Electric Six tem o estilo Pop Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Synthesizer", "Dont Be Afraid Of The Robot", "Band In Hell".

224 acessos

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  1. Band In Hell
  2. Dance Commander
  3. Dance Epidemic
  4. Danger Danger High Voltage
  5. Danger High Voltage
  6. Dont Be Afraid Of The Robot
  7. Future Boys
  8. Gay Bar
  9. Gay Bar Intro
  10. Getting Into The Jam
  11. I Buy The Drugs
  12. Im The Bomb
  13. Improper Dancing
  14. Jimmy Carter
  15. Mr Woman
  16. Naked Pictures
  17. Nuclear War On The Dancefloor
  18. Pleasing Interlude Ii
  19. Remote Control
  20. Shes White
  21. Slices Of You
  22. Synthesizer
  23. Take Off Your Clothes

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