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Elvis Presley

I want to be free

Elvis Presley

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Intro: F  C  F  C
           F         C           F          C
There's no joy in my heart, only sorrow
        F        C       F          C
And I'm sad as a man can be
      F            F7             Bb     Ddim7
I sit alone in the darkness of my lonely room
         F         C         F
And this room is a prison to me
             C                       F
I look at my window and what to do I see
        C                F
I see a bird way up in a tree
             F    C    Bb               Dm
I want to be free free free - ee - ee - ee
             Dm6         C7          F
I want to be free like a bird in a tree
    F                C                F            C
Oh, what good are my eyes, they can't see you
       F                C           F            C
And my arms, they can't hold you so tight
           F             F7                    Bb         Ddim7
I have two lips that are yearning, but they're no good to me
        F            C        F
Cause I know I can't kiss you tonight

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