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Emmylou Harris

Blue Kentucky Girl

Emmylou Harris

7 acessos

(G) You left me for the (C) bright lights of the (G)town 
A (C) country boy set out to see the (D) world 
(G) Remember when those (C) city lights shine (G) down 
That big old (C) moon shines on (D) your Kentucky (G) girl 

I (C) swear I love you by the moon above (G) you 
How (A) bright is it shining in your (D) world 
Some (G) morning when you (C) wake up all (G) alone 
Just come on (C) home to your (D) blue Kentucky (G) girl  
(G) Don't wait to bring great (C) riches home to (G) me 
I need (C) no diamond rings or fancy (D) pearls 
Just (G) bring yourself your (C) all I\"ll ever (G) need 
That's good (C) enough for this (D) blue Kentucky (G) girl 

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