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Cm      Cm7/Bb     Am7(b5)               G#7M G7(4) G7
My black backpack's stuffed with broken dreams
Cm Cm7/Bb     Am7(b5)              G#7M G7(4) G7
20 bucks should get me through the week
Cm   Cm7/Bb  Am7(b5)      G#7M G7(4) G7
Never said a word of discontentment
Cm          Cm7/Bb  Am7(b5)       G#7M
Fought it a thousand times but now
           G7(4) G7
I'm leaving home

Here in the shadows
Fm	G7(4) G7
I'm safe I'm free
I've nowhere else to go but
Fm	       G7(4) G7
I cannot stay where I don't belong

Two months pass by and it's getting cold
I know I'm not lost I am just alone
But I won't cry I won't give up I can't go back now
Waking up is knowing who you really are

Show me the shadow where true meaning lies
So much more dismay in empty eyes

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