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Fastball tem o estilo Power-Pop e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "The Way", "Wind Me Up", "Fire Escape".

229 acessos

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  1. Are You Ready For The Fallout
  2. Better Than It Was
  3. BetterThan It Was
  4. Charlie, The Methhadone Man
  5. Dark Street
  6. Falling Upstairs
  7. Fire Escape
  8. Fire Escape Intro
  9. Fire Scape
  10. Funny How It Fades Away
  11. I Will Never Let You Down
  12. Out Of My Head
  13. She Comes Round
  14. Slow Drag
  15. Sooner Or Later
  16. The Way
  17. This Is Not My Life
  18. Vampires
  19. Warm Fuzzy Feeling
  20. Was I Out Of My Head
  21. Wich Way To The Top?
  22. Wind Me Up
  23. You're An Ocean
  24. You're An Ocean

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