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Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither Vocal Band

Gaither Vocal Band tem o estilo Gospel/Religioso e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "I'm Not Gonna Worry", "Forgive Me", "Second Fiddle".

285 acessos

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  1. Because He Lives
  2. Better Day
  3. Champion Of Love
  4. Eagle Song
  5. Forgive Me
  6. Gentle Shepherd
  7. I'm Not Gonna Worry
  8. I'm Not Gonna Worry
  9. Jesus Messiah
  10. Knowing You'll Be There
  11. Knowing You'll Be There
  12. Second Fiddle
  13. Sometimes It Takes a Mountain
  14. Thanks To Calvary
  15. The Love Of God
  16. When I Cry
  17. You Are My All In All

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