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Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk Railroad tem o estilo Funk e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Got This Thing On The Move", "T.N.U.C", "Someone".

894 acessos

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  1. Aimless Lady
  2. All You've Got Is Money
  3. All You've Got Is Money
  4. American Band
  5. Anybodys Answer
  6. Bad Time (to Be In Love)
  7. Call Yourself a Man
  8. Closer To Home
  9. Country Road
  10. Feelin Alright
  11. Got This Thing On The Move
  12. Heartbreaker
  13. High Falootin Mama
  14. Hooked On Love
  15. I Dont Have To Sing The Blues
  16. I'm Your Captain
  17. I'm Your Captain
  18. Im Your Captain Closer To Home
  19. In Need
  20. Inside Looking Out
  21. Inside Looking Outmain Riff
  22. Into The Sun Intro
  23. Just Couldn't Wait
  24. Just Couldn't Wait
  25. Mean Mistreater
  26. Mr Limousine Driver
  27. Nothing Is The Same
  28. Paranoid
  29. Please Dont Worry
  30. Rock and Roll Soul
  31. Sins A Good Mans Brother
  32. Some Kind of Wonderful
  33. Someone
  34. T.N.U.C
  35. The Locomotion
  36. Time Machine
  37. Time Machine Intro
  38. Upsetter
  39. We Are An American Band
  40. We're An American Band
  41. We're An American Band
  42. Winter And My Soul

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