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Graziella Schazad

Take On Me

Graziella Schazad

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G|------------------------------------------------------   (2x)

( Bm  E   A   D  D/C# ) ( 2x )

Bm        E    A                 D      D/C#
Talking away,  I don't know what I'm to say
Bm               E   A              D         D/C#
I'll say it anyway,Today's another day to find you
Bm      E    F#m                      D       D/C#
Shine away, I'll be coming for your love OK

A   E  F#m  D
Take on me
A   E  F#m  D
Take me on
A   E  F#m  D
I'll be gone
           A  E F#m D
in a day or two

( Bm  E  A  D )

    Bm            E    A               D      D/C#
So, needless to say at odds and ends, but I feel
    Bm      E    A               D      D/C#
stumbling awake slowly learning that life is OK,
 Bm       E   F#m                           D    D/C#
Say after me, it's so much better to be safe than sorry

( Bm  E  A  D  Bm  E  Bm  E )


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