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Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes tem o estilo Black Music e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Faces In The Hall Intro", "New Friend Request", "Papercuts Intro".

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  1. 7 Weeks
  2. Ass Back Home
  3. Blinded By The Sun
  4. Clothes Off
  5. Cupids Chokehold
  6. Cupids Chokehole
  7. Everydays Forecast
  8. Faces In The Hall
  9. Faces In The Hall Intro
  10. Graduation Day
  11. Guilty As Charged
  12. Its Ok But Just This Once
  13. Kid Nothing Boy Vs The Echo Factor
  14. Like Father Like Son
  15. Live a Little
  16. Makeout Club
  17. Naked Peekaboo
  18. New Friend Request
  19. On My Own Time
  20. On My Own Time Write On
  21. On My Own Time Write On Acoustic
  22. Papercuts
  23. Papercuts Intro
  24. Peace Sign Index Down
  25. Petrified Life And The Twice Told Joke
  26. Pillmatic
  27. Queen And I
  28. Read Please
  29. Shoot Down The Stars
  30. Simple Living
  31. Stereo Hearts
  32. Taxi Driver
  33. The Fighter
  34. The Queen And I
  35. To Bob Ross With Love
  36. Under The Bridge
  37. Viva La Whitegirl Solo

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