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Blue Blue


8 acessos

In the blackened waters of conceit
          A                    E
I saw my silhouette, pale and bleached
          Bm   F#m       E
All thin outlines and no shape
          D                                      A                   E
Dash the surface for the self to show displays of a shadow I should know
            Bm         F#m         G
Unless you dare find me, there’s no faith

( D  D  A  E )
( Bm  F#m  G  G )

Continue the line I draw
Filling the missing mark
        C#m   G#m
Without you, you
I am blue
Build me up on rising tide
B                       G#m
Lift me up and make me soar
            C#m     G#m
Out of the blue blue
I'll be blue

( D  D  A  A )
( Bm  F#m  G  G )

Hear this banter, bringing soars
             A                    E
Against the current, change the course
        Bm       F#m      E
When I land aside, give me pace
Owning up to each letter I spell
             A                 E
Rewrite the story that I now tell
           Bm  F#m       G
Come let's run, from the chase


  Em                   B
Across the endless blue
F#m                           C#m
Seeking the truth, I guarantee
   G#m                         A
Reflect to black and white, I shine
I’m making you decide it

( D  D  A  A )
( Bm  F#m  G  G )

D                     A
Continue the line I draw
E                   Bm F#m G
Filling the missing mark

( D  D  A  A )
( Bm  F#m  G  G )

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