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James Reyne

Motors Too Fast

James Reyne

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  He's just a local boy, Modelling for magazines 
  (G)                           (Am) 
  Nun-Chucka - Things are never quite as they seem 
  He's got throwing stars, He's got silver tops 
  Mamas grabbed her jewellery hidden in the bathroom 
  Calling the cops 
  Pre Chorus 
  (C)                 (C/B)            (Am) 
  Give me somewhere to go dont give me train rides 
  (C)                 (C/B)            (Am) 
  When the shops are all closed dont give me train rides 
  Never gave anyone the slightest notion 
  Never showed us that the call was cast 
  Mama dont want you, daddy dont want you 
  (F)                         (G) 
  Your motors running way to fast 
  Now the mallways shuttered, hanging in the afternoon 
  Drink a little Vodka, Picking up the old man 
  Roundin him round in his room 
 repeat pre chorus and chorus 

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