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(Solo)  E|--------3--0--------------------------------------------| B|-0h1------------3-1-0-------------------1----------0----| G|--2-------------------2-0-----0------0----0-----0----0--| D|--------------------------0h2----0h2--------0h2---------| A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|  E|--------3--0--------------------------------------------| B|-0h1------------3-1-0------------------1-1------------0-| G|--2-------------------2-0-----0------0------------0-----| D|--------------------------0h2----0h2------0-0-0h2---2---| x2 A|--------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------|   Am                  G                            F C'mon and talk to me i will try the upmost to be honest with  you try to      G Be honest with you every single Am                         G                    F Work imma gonna talk to me i will try to be rhythmical try to be     G Rytmichal (5x)  Verso:  Am          G                     F           G      Am I've been thinkin a lot since the end of our family affair and the   G                             F              G Things that went wrong, in a matter of speaking   Am         G                 F               G               Am Should have been more forthcoming about the things i needed to say but         G                       F          G You've seen to be talking to someone else      Am           G          F                 G              Am Now you got me feeling so sorry for something i didn't do. you've got me  G                  F                             G Crawlin around a gutter when i should have been busy making love to you. Am        G            F                   G So it's all smoothed over you cover your ears real         Am          G                F                   G Thight is it up to me to be telling the black from the white  Am          G    F                  G Talking to you bittersweet, bittersweet Am            G       F                 G Now talkin to you is bittersweet, bittersweet Am              G            F         G Now talkin to you is bittersweet,bittersweet             Am      G         F         G Been now talkin to you bittersweet bittersweet  Refrão: Am               G           F          G C'mon talk talk talk talk to me yeah to me yeah (4x)

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