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Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Ruby", "Tomato In The Rain", "Like It Too Much".

566 acessos

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  1. Addicted To Drugs
  2. Admire You
  3. Angry Mob
  4. Born to be a dancer
  5. Born To Be A Dancer Intro
  6. Bows And Arrows
  7. Boxing Champ
  8. Brightest Star
  9. Cant Say What I Mean
  10. Caroline Yes
  11. Caroline Yes Solo
  12. Child Of The Jago
  13. Coming Home
  14. Don't Get Me Wrong
  15. Ecerything Is Average Nowadays
  16. Electric Heart
  17. Every day I love you less and less
  18. Everyday I Love You Less And Less
  19. Everything Is Average Nowadays
  20. Good Days And Bad Days
  21. Half The Truth
  22. Hard Times Send Me
  23. Heat Dies Down
  24. Highroyds
  25. Hole In My Soul
  26. I Can Do It Without You
  27. I Can't do It Without You
  28. I Predict A Riot
  29. If You Will Have Me
  30. Kinda Girl You Are
  31. Learnt My Lesson Well Intro
  32. Like It Too Much
  33. Love's Not a Competition (but I'm Winning)
  34. Meanwhile Up In Heaven
  35. Misery Company
  36. Modern Way
  37. My Kind Of Guy
  38. My Life
  39. Na Na Na Na Na
  40. Na Na Na Na Naa
  41. Never Miss a Beat
  42. Oh my God
  43. Remember You're a Girl
  44. Retirement
  45. Roses
  46. Ruby
  47. Saturday Night
  48. Sink That Ship
  49. Spanish Metal
  50. Take My Temperature Intro
  51. Target Market
  52. Team Mate
  53. Thank You Very Much
  54. Time Honoured Tradition
  55. Tomato In The Rain
  56. We Stay Together
  57. What Did I Ever Give You
  58. You Can Have It All
  59. You Can Have It All Solo
  60. You Want History

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