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L.a Guns

I Found You

L.a Guns

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intro: G, Em, G, Em

         G                Em
somebody love me somebody care
         G                Em
somebody hold me when i'am scared
         Am                   Em
somebody reach out and hold my hand
              Am             Em
somebody somewhere must understand


Am C   G
i found you
    Am  C        G
and you wanted me too

         Em                G
somebody touch me somebody give
          Em             G
give me a reason i wanna live
   Am              Em
oh i don't ask for much
           Am                  Em
all i want darling is a little trust

         (refrão) x2

solo- Em, G, Em, G, Am, Em, 
Em, Am, C, G, Am, C, G.

        Em                G
sombody trust me somebody care
            Em                G
i ain't got much girl but i'm willing to share
        Am                        Em
oh it's hard this world can be so cold
                     Am                       Em
we all need a little lovin it's what makes us whole

          (refrão) x2

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