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Lordi tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Hard Rock Hallelujah", "Dynamite Tonite Solo", "Chainsaw Buffet Intro".

427 acessos

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  1. Amen's Lament To Rá
  2. Biomechanic Man
  3. Bite like a bulldog
  4. Blood Red Sandman
  5. Blood Red Sandman Intro
  6. Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
  7. Chainsaw Buffet
  8. Chainsaw Buffet Intro
  9. Children Of The Night
  10. Children Of The Night Solo
  11. Deadbite Girls Gone Wild
  12. Devil Is a Loser
  13. Diva
  14. Dynamite Tonight Solo
  15. Dynamite Tonite Solo
  16. Get Heavy
  17. Good To Be Bad
  18. Hard Rock Hallelujah
  19. Hellbender Turbulence
  20. Icon Of Dominance
  21. Icon Of Dominance Solo
  22. It Snows In Hell
  23. Kalmageddon
  24. Kalmageddon Solo
  25. Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead Intro
  26. Last Kiss Goodbye
  27. Last Kiss Goodbye Solo
  28. Magistra Nocte
  29. Mr Killjoy
  30. My Heaven Is Your Hell Intro
  31. Night Of The Loving Dead
  32. Not The Nicest Guy
  33. Not The Nicest Guy Intro
  34. Pet The Destroyer Solo
  35. Rock The Hell Outta You Intro
  36. Shotgun Divorce Intro
  37. Shotgun Divorce Solo
  38. Supermonstars
  39. The Night Of The Loving Dead
  40. They Only Come Out At Night
  41. Wake The Snake
  42. Wake The Snake Intro
  43. Whos Your Daddy
  44. Would You Love A Monsterman?
  45. You Are A Boy

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