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Lucinda Williams


Lucinda Williams

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Capo on 1 
Em              G  
Baby sweet baby you're my drug 
Am              Em  
Come on and let me taste your stuff  
Em              G  
Baby Sweet baby bring me your gift  
Am              Em  
Whats surprise you gonna hit me with  
G                       D  
I am waiting here for more 
I am waiting by your door 
G     D  
I am waiting on your back steps 
G                  D  
I am waiting in my car 
I am waiting at this bar 
G    D  
I am waiting for your essence  
Baby sweet baby whisper my name 
shoot your love into my veins 
baby sweet baby Kiss me hard  
Make me wonder who's in charge 
Baby sweet baby I want to feel your breath 
even though you like to flirt with death  
Baby sweet baby, Can't get enough 
Please come find me and help me get fucked up 

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