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Macabre tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Sniper In The Sky", "Youre Dying To Be With Me", "Acid Bath Vampire".

146 acessos

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  1. Acid Bath Vampire
  2. Apartment 213
  3. Cup Of Coffee
  4. Diary Of Torture
  5. Drill Bit Lobotomy
  6. Fatal Foot Fetish
  7. How About Some Coffee
  8. In The Army Now
  9. Je Pough
  10. Mary Bell
  11. Mcdonalds Massacre
  12. Nightstalker
  13. Sniper In The Sky
  14. Vampire Of Dusseldorf
  15. Werewolf Of Bedburg
  16. Whats That Smell
  17. Youre Dying To Be With Me
  18. Zodiac

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