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Moody Blues

Moody Blues

Moody Blues tem o estilo Indefinido e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Driftwood Intro", "English Sunset", "Dawn Is A Feeling".

161 acessos

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  1. Another Morning
  2. Are You Sitting Comfortably
  3. Blue Guitar
  4. Dawn Is A Feeling
  5. Driftwood Intro
  6. English Sunset
  7. English Sunset Acoustic
  8. English Sunset Solo
  9. For My Lady
  10. Forever Autumn
  11. Hope And Pray
  12. Legend Of A Mind
  13. New Horizons
  14. Nights In White Satin
  15. Noches de blanco saten
  16. Other Side Of Life
  17. Question
  18. Ride My See-saw
  19. Ride My See-saw Intro
  20. Say It With Love
  21. Story In Your Eyes
  22. Talk In Out Of Turn
  23. The Story In Your Eyes
  24. Tuesday Afternoon
  25. Your Wildest Dreams

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