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Nekromantix tem o estilo Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Rubbermonks And Leathernuns", "Hanted Cathouse", "Who Killed The Cheerleader Intro".

330 acessos

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  1. Alive Intro
  2. Back From The Grave Intro
  3. Black Wedding
  4. Cave Canem Intro
  5. Dead Girls Dont Cry
  6. Hanted Cathouse
  7. Haunted Cathouse
  8. Im A Hellcat
  9. Last Night I Saved An Angel
  10. Love At First Bite
  11. Nekrofelia
  12. Nekrofilia
  13. Nekronaunts
  14. Nekronauts
  15. Nice Day For A Resurrection
  16. Rubbermonks And Leathernuns
  17. Save My Grave
  18. Subcultural Girl
  19. Survive Or Die
  20. Trick Or Treat Intro
  21. Voodoo Shop Hop
  22. Who Killed The Cheerleader
  23. Who Killed The Cheerleader Intro

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