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Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene tem o estilo Indie e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "The Circle Intro", "40 Past Midnight", "Man In The Middle".

257 acessos

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  1. 40 Past Midnight
  2. Alibis Chords
  3. All Up
  4. Beautiful Losers
  5. Better Day
  6. Charlie Brown Says Chords
  7. Cool Cool Water
  8. Crazy Low Down Ways
  9. Day We Caught The Train
  10. Emily Chambers
  11. Every Thing Comes The Right Time Intro
  12. Everything Comes At The Right Time
  13. Fleeting Mind
  14. Get Away
  15. Have You Got The Right
  16. Hundred Mile High City
  17. Man In The Middle
  18. Mrs Jones
  19. Oh Collector
  20. Out Side Of a Circle
  21. Policemen And Pirates
  22. Riverboat Song
  23. Riverboat Song Intro
  24. Robin Hood
  25. Second Hand Car
  26. The Circle
  27. The Circle Intro
  28. The Day We Caught The Train
  29. The Riverboat Song
  30. Travellers Tune
  31. Up On The Downside
  32. Wont Get Grazed Acoustic
  33. Youve Got It Bad

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