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Old Mans Child

Old Mans Child

Old Mans Child tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams", "Towards Eternity", "God Of Impeity".

283 acessos

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  1. Behind The Mask
  2. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
  3. Born Of The Flickering
  4. Captives Of Humanity
  5. Christian Death
  6. Demoniacal Possession
  7. Demonical Possession
  8. Demons Of The Thorncastle
  9. Doommaker
  10. Enslaved And Condemned
  11. Fall Of Man
  12. Funeral Swords And Souls
  13. God Of Impeity
  14. God Of Impiety
  15. Hominis Nocturna
  16. In Black Endless Void
  17. In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
  18. Into Silence Embrace
  19. Millenium King
  20. My Demonic Figures
  21. My Evil Revelation
  22. My Evil Revelations
  23. My Kingdom Will Come
  24. Obscure Divine Manifestation
  25. Old Mans Dream
  26. Passage To Pandemonium
  27. Phantoms Of Mortem Tales
  28. Return Of The Night Creatures
  29. Sacrifice Of Vengeance
  30. Soul Possessed
  31. Swallowed By A Burried One
  32. The Dream Ghost
  33. The Last Chapter
  34. The Millenium King
  35. Thy Servant
  36. Towards Eternity
  37. Unholy Vivid Innocence
  38. What Malice Embrace

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