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Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas tem o estilo Pop e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Little Wonders Intro", "My My My", "Pequenas Maravilhas".

180 acessos

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  1. A New York Christmas
  2. All That I Am
  3. Ever The Same
  4. Ever The Same Snippet
  5. Her Diamonds
  6. I am an illusion (acústica)
  7. Little Wonder (pequenas Maravilhas)
  8. Little Wonders
  9. Little Wonders (Pequenas Maravilhas)
  10. Little Wonders Intro
  11. Lonely No More
  12. My My My
  13. Pequenas Maravilhas
  14. Problem Girl
  15. Smooth
  16. Someday
  17. Something To Be Intro
  18. Streetcorner Symphony
  19. Streetcorner Symphony Intro
  20. This is how a heart breaks
  21. This Is How A Heart Breaks Solo
  22. Time After Time
  23. Trust You
  24. When The Heartache Ends

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