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Say Anything

Say Anything

Say Anything tem o estilo Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "You Should Lie With Me Intro", "Shameless Intro", "Total Revenge Solo".

354 acessos

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  1. A Walk Through Hell
  2. A Walk Through Hell Acoustic
  3. Admit It
  4. Alive With The Glory Of Love
  5. Alive With The Glory Of Love Acoustic
  6. Baseball But Bett Intro
  7. Baseball But Better Intro
  8. Belt
  9. By Tonight
  10. By Tonight Intro
  11. Chia-like I Shall Grow
  12. Eloise
  13. Every Man Has A Molly
  14. Every Man Has A Molly Solo
  15. Futile
  16. Goodbye Young Tutor Youve Now Outgrown Me
  17. I Am A Transylvanian
  18. I Want To Know Your Plans
  19. In To The Night
  20. Its A Metaphor Fool Intro
  21. Last Great Punk Rock Song
  22. Little Girls
  23. Metal Now
  24. Most Beautiful Plague
  25. Plea
  26. Presidential Suite
  27. Red Cat Yellow Cat
  28. Retarded In Love
  29. Sappy
  30. Shameless
  31. Shameless Intro
  32. She Got Away Intro
  33. Signal The Riflemen Intro
  34. Slowly Through A Vector Intro
  35. Spidersong
  36. Surgically Removing The Tracking Device
  37. That Is Why You Should Rock My World
  38. The Futile
  39. The Writhing South
  40. This Is Fucking Ecstasy
  41. This Is Fucking Ecstasy Intro
  42. Total Revenge
  43. Total Revenge Intro
  44. Total Revenge Solo
  45. Walk Through Hell
  46. We Will Erase All Life On Earth But Us
  47. Woe
  48. Woe Acoustic
  49. Wow I Can Get Sexual Too
  50. Wow I Can Get Sexual Too Acoustic
  51. Writhing South
  52. Yellow Cat Red Cat Acoustic
  53. You Should Lie With Me Intro

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