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Senses Fail

Senses Fail

Senses Fail tem o estilo Alternativo e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "Sick Or Sane Fifty For A Twenty", "One Eight Seven Intro", "Bloody Romance Solo".

274 acessos

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  1. 187
  2. All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
  3. American Death
  4. Angela Baker And My Obession With Fire
  5. Angela Baker And My Obsession With Fire
  6. Bastard Son Intro
  7. Bite To Break Skin
  8. Bite To Break Skin Intro
  9. Bloody Romance
  10. Bloody Romance Intro
  11. Bloody Romance Solo
  12. Bonecrusher
  13. Buried A Lie
  14. Buried A Lie Acoustic
  15. Calling All Cars
  16. Calling All Cars Intro
  17. Cant Be Saved
  18. Cant Be Saved Intro
  19. Choke On This
  20. Cinco De Mayo Intro
  21. Cute When You Scream
  22. Dreaming A Reality
  23. Family Tradition
  24. Free Fall Without A Parachute
  25. Freefall Without A Parachute
  26. Handguns And Second Chances
  27. Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday
  28. Lady In A Blue Dress
  29. Lady In A Blue Dress Acoustic
  30. Let It Enfold You
  31. Lost And Found
  32. Lost And Found Intro
  33. Martini Kiss
  34. Negative Space
  35. Nj Fall Into The Atlantic
  36. Nj Falls Into The Atlantic
  37. One Eight Seven
  38. One Eight Seven Intro
  39. Priest And The Matador
  40. Priest And The Matador Solo
  41. Rapture
  42. Rum Is For Drinking Not Burning
  43. Rum Is For Drinking Not For Burning
  44. Shark Attack
  45. Sick Or Sane Fifty For A Twenty
  46. Slowdance
  47. Still Searching
  48. The Ground Folds
  49. The Rapture
  50. Tie Her Down
  51. To All The Crowded Rooms
  52. Youre Cute When You Scream

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