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Skip Ewing

Christmas Carol

Skip Ewing

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G                             C 
I was playin? Santa Claus downtown on Christmas Eve 
       D                                        G    
When a little girl of 3 or 4 climbed up onto my knee 
        G                               C 
I could tell she had a Christmas wish behind those eyes of blue 
     D                                                     G 
So I asked her ?What?s your name and what can Santa do for you?? 

Chorus -------------

              C                              G 
She said, ?My name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas Day 
  C                 G            A7             D 
I don?t know who my daddy is and mommy?s gone away 
C                               G              C 
All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home 
     D                                       G  
Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own??


Change to Key of A 
     A                                    D 
Well all that I could say was Santa would do the best he could 
      E7                                           A 
And I set her down and told her now remember to be good 
    A                              D 
She said ?I will? and walked away, turned to wave goodbye 
        E7                                            A 
And I?m glad she wasn?t close enough to see old Santa cry 
Chorus in A   
D  A  D  A  B7  E7 
D  A  D  E7  A 
Change to Key of B 
B                             E 
Early Christmas morning I got up and dialed the phone 
    F#7                                              B 
And made a few arrangements at the County Children?s home 
     B                                E 
They told me it would be all right to pick her up today 
       F#7                                       B  
Now my little Christmas Carol won?t ever have to say 
Chorus in B 
E  B  E  B  C#7  F#7 
E  B  E  F#7  B

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