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Skip Ewing

I Don't Have Far To Fall

Skip Ewing

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(capo 1st fret) 
Intro; Dm C F  (quick Bb) 
F                           Bb 
Tonight as I lay holding you, you whisper 
  F                F7                  Gm   C 
Three words I didn't want to hear you say 
  F                                 Bb 
Cause I don't know how I'm ever gonna answer 
  Gm                       C         F 
But I'll tell you how I'm feelin' anyway 


Refrão -------------

             Bb                       F                       Bb 
I don't have far to fall before I reach the bottom of my heart 
  F        Am        Dm           Gm             C 
I already feel the fire burning in the deepest part 
             Bb                            F                  Bb 
I just can't say the words until I'm sure there's no doubt at all 
       Gm             C                 F 
If I'm not in love I don't have far to fall


Turnaround; Dm C F (quick Bb) 
Please don't misunderstand the words I'm saying 
Hurtin' you is last thing on my mind 
I just need to know that love is what we're making 
Sometimes love takes a little time 

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