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Spinal Tap

Listen To The Flower People

Spinal Tap

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Listen to the Flower People

Hey, Tapheads

?Listen to the Flower People?. Enjoy!

David St. Hubbins: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nigel Tufnel: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Derek Smalls: Bass & Vocals
Peter "James" Bond: Drums (deceased)

Intro: (riff 1)

Verse 1:

D                                E(II)
Listen to what the Flower People say. (Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah)
Gm                                D
Listen. It's getting louder every day. (riff 2)
D                                   E(II)
Listen. It's like a boat out on the blue. (Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah)
Gm                                  F#     E
Listen. It could be calling out for you.


A              D       G
Flower People, walk on by.
A              D         G
Flower People, don't you cry.
It's not too late. (No)
It's not too late.

        1  + 3
Rythym: A  AA
Lead: Stay inside the A Penatonic Scale.


D                                   N.C.
Listen. It's like a Mozart syphony (riff 3)
Gm                                      D
Listen. It's something just for you and me. (riff 2)
D                                E(II)
Listen to what the Flower People say. (Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah)
Gm                               F#m  E
Listen. It's getting truer every day.
1 +3  1 +3  1
A AA  A AA (Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Riff 1:

--2------2--------|    Repeat

Riff 2:


Riff 3:


Listen to the song for the tempo.

That's it!

Here?s some chords for reference

D          E(II)           Gm          F#         A          G

3           5               3           2         2          0
2           4               3           3         2          0
0           0               5           4         2          0

The notes are arranged from high string to low string and the numbers
indicate the frets to play on

Thanks for playing. Hope to see you again soon!

Any Questions, Comments, or Corrections should be sent to

?What?s wrong with being sexy?? ? Nigel Tufnel

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