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Steel Panther

Girl From Oklahoma

Steel Panther

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    G      B/D      Cadd9   D/F#    Em      Am7     C       D
E|---|  e|----|  e|---|  e|---|  e|---|  e|---|  e|---|  e|-2-|
B|-3-|  b|--3-|  b|-3-|  b|---|  b|-3-|  b|-1-|  b|-1-|  b|-3-|
G|-0-|  G|--0-|  G|-0-|  G|---|  G|-0-|  G|-0-|  G|-0-|  G|---|
D|---|  D|----|  D|---|  D|---|  D|---|  D|---|  D|---|  D|-0-|
A|---|  A|--2-|  A|-3-|  A|---|  A|---|  A|-0-|  A|-3-|  A|---|
E|-3-|  E|----|  E|---|  E|-2-|  E|-0-|  E|---|  E|---|  E|---|

Verso 1:

        G             B/D
Well, I bet you never guessed
         Cadd9       G
When you came to the show
D/F#     Em             Am7
You'd be getting on the bus with me
    C          D       REST
And doing some blow

     G             B/D
Your mama's in the parking lot
Cadd9       G
Looking for you
      D/F#  Em                Am7
She's gonna find you when I'm done
    C            G        REST
All covered with goo

[ Tab from: ]

G     B/D Cadd9  G      D/F#   Em       Am7        C D* (*Optional D here)
       Oooh,     mama's little girl got all sticky

Verso 2:
G            B/D
Hair on your nipples
Cadd9        G
Zits on your box
D/F# Em            Am7
       In Oklahoma City
       C            D    REST
You're considered a fox

G                    B/D
What did you have to do
         Cadd9     G
For that backstage pass
D/F#     Em             Am7     C            G
'Cause I found a Poison lemon inside of your ass




   Cadd9          B/D
So come on pretty baby
        Cadd9     D
Suck my balls all night
    Cadd9             B/D
The driver says we're leaving
     Cadd9   D
Come morning light
Cadd9         B/D          Cadd9 D
Spit out that retainer and do me right
      Cadd9          B/D           Cadd9     G
Oooh, come on pretty baby, suck my balls all night

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