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Story of the Year

Story of the Year

Story of the Year tem o estilo Hard Rock e suas cifras mais acessadas são: "The Dream is Over", "Until The Day I Die Acoustic", "In Her Bedroom".

334 acessos

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  1. A Silent Murder
  2. A Sillent Murder Intro
  3. And The Hero Will Drown
  4. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
  5. Burning Years
  6. Dive Right In
  7. Divide And Conquer
  8. Falling Down
  9. Five Against The World
  10. Five Against The World Solo
  11. Heart Of Polka Is Still Beating
  12. I'm Live
  13. In Her Bedroom
  14. In The Shadows
  15. Is This My Fate He Asked Them
  16. March Of The Dead
  17. Meathead
  18. Our Time Is Now
  19. Page Avenue
  20. Pay Your Enemy
  21. Razorblades
  22. Sidewalks
  23. Sidewalks Acoustic
  24. Sidewalks Intro
  25. Sidewalks Solo
  26. Silent Murder Slow Jam
  27. Sleep
  28. Sleep Solo
  29. Stereo
  30. Swallow The Knife
  31. Take Me Back
  32. Take Me Back Solo
  33. Taste The Poison
  34. Terrified
  35. The Dream is Over
  36. The Unheard Voice
  37. Until Hte Day I Die
  38. Until The Day I Die
  39. Until The Day I Die Acoustic
  40. Wake Up The Voiceless
  41. We Dont Care Anymore

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